rag and bone

Come gather ye round, Elders and Young -  the rag and bone trade has just begun! In this magical, family-friendly walkabout show, meet the jaunty and ethereal Mr. Rags with his eccentric puppet pony Bonesy, a cart full of treasured objects and a panoply of stories and songs!  


Mr Rags’s main mission is to trade, and he will encourage any willing bystander to swap something with him –be it an object, a dream, a joke, in fact anything that they have been longing for an age to get rid of. In return he will offer them something special –a story from his travels across the world, a rousing number on his trombone, and, not least, a sugar cube for Bonesy!  


Complete with horse, cart, puppets that emerge from pieces of treasured junk, and the odd bit of silly dancing, Rag & Bone is a unique mixture of live music, physical comedy, storytelling and slapstick. Perfect for children and adults alike

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"Rag & Bone is a piece of quintessential English entertainment, and all the better for it. A real joy. Gentle humour at its best, endearing and refreshing".

Gerald Balding, Circus Programmer, Standen Calling

"Rag & Bone kept audiences of all ages spellbound at Darlington's First National Festival of Thrift. Appropriately for our theme Mr Rags toured the site with his rag and bone cart drawn by a loveable recycled horse and engaged delighted mums, dads and kids with performances of real quality. We will certainly be asking him back."

Stella Hall, Darlington National Theatre of Thrift